Beef Products

Quite simply, grass-fed beef tastes great. It's all-natural, wholesome and offers a number of health benefits. The Jubilee Hilltop Ranch combines rotational grazing practices with carefully-selected grasses for optimal livestock nutrition. The bottom line is that our goal is to produce the best possible grass-fed angus possible.

We never know where are customers are coming from or how they're going to pick up their order. For example, one of our customers arrived on bicycle to pick up her quarter of grass-fed beef. We definitely appreciate that type of commitment!

A number of top restaurants use 100 percent grass-fed beef from Jubilee Hilltop Ranch. According to executive chef Trevett Hooper of Legume Bistro, one of Pittsburgh's leading restaurants, "Jubilee really knows what they are doing. Their beef is well marbled, a beautiful color and outstanding quality."

We offer eighth, quarter, half and whole beef packages of our all-natural, organic pasture raised dry-aged black angus products. Here's our new beef packages and what you'll get in each one:

What is a share?

Although many of our animals are similar, cattle can vary in height, weight and girth. Because of this, we cannot always guarantee the same amount of cuts per animal.

In order to better express the quantity of cuts and types of meat each customer will receive, we have organized the beef we sell by "share." This represents roughly an eighth to a quarter of an entire animal.

Below is an example of what you might find in one share.

Jubilee's Grassfed All Natural Beef
Example Share

Approximately 62 lbs. for only $ 475
Actual weight will be billed by the average price


2 lbs – (2) 16oz Ribeye Steaks
2lbs – (2) 16oz NY Strip Steaks
2 lbs – (4) 8 oz. Ribeye Deckel Steaks
2 lbs – (4) 8 oz. Sirloin Steaks
4 lbs –(8) 8oz Flat Iron Steaks
3lbs- (6) 8oz Denver Steaks
1lb- (2) 8oz Braciole Steaks
1lb – (2) 8oz Tri-tip Steaks


Approx: 3lbs Bone In Chuck Roast or
Rolled Rump Roast 5lbs- Kabob Meat


6 lbs Short Ribs
25 lbs. premium ground beef – 1 lb. loose packages
1 lb – (2) 8 oz. Liver
5 lbs. of Soup bones

Also available upon request:

Additional steaks
Pastured chicken
Pastured pork
Pastured eggs
Beef sticks (Hot, Mild, and Sweet)/ Beef Jerky

* If you are interested in specific cuts, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate.

* Please note that some cuts may be substituted for equal or better cuts due to availability

* Processing fee applies. Price includes dry aging, cutting, vacuum packaging and USDA Inspection.

How to order?

Call the Jubilee Hilltop Ranch at 814-934-7734, fill out our contact form or email us directly, at

Local pick-up is available. Shipping also available at an additional cost.

A $100 deposit is required when you order a whole or half package; a $50 deposit is required for quarter or eighth orders.

Share Availability

To the left is an example of what you might find in one share. However, beef quantities and sizes may vary. If you have an interest in specific grassfed beef cuts or would like to know what we currently offer in our shares, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Don't forget the freezer space...

Since all orders are vacuum packaged and frozen on pick-up or delivery, make sure you have enough freezer space to accommodate your order:

1 Share = 75% standard freezer or 25% small chest freezer

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